Services Baghdad Airport

At Baghdad Airport there are various services, facilities and amenities available to all passengers that request it or need it:


Airport Services

- Banks and ATMs

- BIAP Clinic

- Duty Free

- Free Wi-Fi

- In-Airport Hotels

- Information Desk

- Free Market: With products and luxury products like: Perfumes and cosmetics, Iraqi craft products, etc.

- Wine and spirits luxury

- Lost & Found

- Prayer Rooms: Special prayer rooms for men and women

- Restaurants

- Special Needs

- Several Hotels with shuttle bus service



VIP Services/Businessmen Services

Special areas with service to make more enjoyable the stay to all passengers that request the service. It is available to organise meetings there.



Airport Clinic & Emergencies

Baghdad Airport offers urgent medical care to all passengers that suffer any health problem. Baghdad Clinic offers travel and emergency treatments in addition to basic medical tests.



Passengers with special needs

Passengers with special needs and their companions must go to the inquiries desk to ask for special assistance. Passengers with special needs are considered these ones:


- Children relatives with special needs

- Pregnant women

- Passengers/Patients with special needs