Baghdad Airport Guide to Baghdad International Airport (BGW)

Baghdad Airport (BGW)

Use this website to quickly find the most important information about the main airport in Baghdad, called Baghdad International Airport: Departures, Arrivals, Parking, Car Rentals, Hotels near the airport and other information about Baghdad airport. Plan your travel to BGW Airport with the information provided in this site.


The BGW airport can handle about 7.5 million passengers per year and it can accommodate both military and civilian operations and aircraft of all sizes. 


It’s planned to expand the Baghdad airport and double its capacity to handle over 15M passengers per year. The expansion includes the construction of three new terminals.

Terminals + info

Baghdad Aairport has two main Terminals: Military Terminal and Civilian Terminal (Passenger Terminal).


There is another VIP Terminal specially reserved to welcome personalities.


Passenger Terminal

The Passenger Terminal has 3 concourses (A, B, C) named respectively as Nineveh, Babylon and Samara Terminals.


Nineveh and Babylon concourses connect to each other through a between-building and Babylon and Samara Terminals as well. More info.


Present & future

During next years it is planned to built three more terminals at Baghdad airport and renovate the currently ones to have the capacity to handle 15M passengers per year.

Facilities and Services + info

The airport has check-in counters, baggage claim area, bars, a duty free retail and some coffee shops. Baghdad airport (BGW) has also (among others):


- ATMs and Banks

- Hotels inside the airport

- Prayer Rooms

- Assistance to Passengers with special needs

- Medical Care

Baghdad Airport in numbers

- Located 10 miles (16 km) west of Baghdad city centre

- 7.5M passengers annually

- Three terminals

- 2 runways

- More than 15 airlines operate at BGW airport

- Hub for 3 airlines: Iraqi Airways, Al-Naser Airlines and FlyBaghdad

Transport + info

Passengers may know that it is strongly recommended to have a safe, secure and trustful transportation to get around Baghdad and Iraq in general.


Terrorist and suicide attacks can happen anytime anywhere and westerners happen to be their main target, that is why Iraq nor Baghdad aren’t a touristic destination. Unless you have to travel there for work reasons, US Army, Embassy, etc. We do not recommend to visit the country (it is one of the most dangerous places on Earth).


See more information regarding means of transportation at Baghdad Airport:


- Taxi: Available at Baghdad Airport. Passengers can book a taxi or a private taxi before arrive at BGW Airport. Check contact details on transportation page.


- Hotel Shuttles: Various hotels located at the airport and vicinities provide shuttle bus service.


- Bus: Some buses depart from the airport and reach Baghdad city center. Tickets: in the kiosk.

More information


- Car and Rental Car: Passengers can rent a car at Baghdad airport as well as a driver service. Check it at transportation page


Address: Airport St, Baghdad, IRAQ
Telephone:+964 0790 140 3537

Lost and Found + info

Passengers may go personally to the Lost & Found Department at Baghdad International Airport.

Documents required to reclaim an item: Boarding Pass and Photo Identity Card.

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