Baghdad Airport Informational Guide to Baghdad International Airport (BGW) - Non Official

Baghdad Airport Terminals

Baghdad Airport is the main international gateway to Iraq and also home base of Iraq’s national airline, Iraqi Airways.

From BGW Airport depart flights to Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Turkey, Syria, UAE, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, among others.

Present & future

During next years it is planned to do a refurbishment of the concourses and build three more to double its capacity to handle 15 million passengers annually.

Nowadays, one of the concourses is currently under refurbishment works.


Baghdad Airport consists of a couple of terminals:

Military Terminal (New Al Muthanna Air Base, the Iraqi Air Force Base) and Civilian Terminal (Passenger Terminal).

There is also a special VIP Terminal with conference rooms and beautiful furniture to welcome personalities.

Passenger Terminal

It is divided in three Concourses: A, B and C that are known as Nineveh Terminal, Babylon Terminal and Samara Terminal, names that correspond of ancient cities which are still preserved today in Iraq.

One of the terminals is used by Iraqi Airways, while the middle one is for handling all other flights.

As a curiosity, the shape of the ceilings of the main terminal are palm trees.

Transfer between terminals

All three concourses are interlinked: Concourse Nineveh connects with Concourse Babylon and this one is linked to Concourse Samara.


- Bars and Restaurants
- ATMs
- Banks
- Currency exchange
- On-airport hotels
- Prayer rooms
- Assistance to passengers with special needs
- Medical care
- Post office

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