Baghdad Airport Terminals

The airport has two Terminals: Military Terminal (New Al Muthanna Air Base, the Iraqi Air Force Base.) and Civilian Terminal (Passenger Terminal).


At Baghdad airport there is a special VIP Terminal with conference rooms and beautiful furnitures to welcome personalities.


Passenger Terminal

Is divided in 3 Concourses: A, B and C that are known as Nineveh Terminal, Babylon Terminal and Samara Terminal, names that correspond of ancient cities which are still preserved today in Iraq. As a curiosity, the shape of the ceilings of the main terminal are palm trees.


Concourse Nineveh connects with Concourse Babylon and this one links with Samara Terminal.


The passenger terminal has check-in counters, baggage claim area, snacks bars, a Duty Free retail, coffee shops and comfortable seats.


Baghdad airport has two runways and an air traffic control tower.


During next years it is planned to do a refurbishment of the three terminals at the airport and build three more terminals to double the capacity of Baghdad airport and handle 15 million passengers annually.