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Baghdad Airport Transportation

Even the political situation in Iraq has been stabilizing in the last years, nowadays security is still a matter of concern since it cannot be guaranteed anywhere. It is very dangerous for foreigners to get around outside the International, Green Zone, in Baghdad.

Terrorist and suicide attacks can happen anytime anywhere and westerners happen to be the main target, that is why Iraq nor Baghdad aren’t a tourist destination. Unless you have to travel there for work reasons, US Army, Embassy, etc. We do not recommend to visit the country (it is one of the most dangerous places on Earth).

If passengers need to travel to Iraq, it is highly recommended to take security measures to avoid any risk.

See attached below the available means of transportation at Baghdad Airport:

baghdad airport to city centre

Our recommendation is to take an authorized taxi or a rental car with a driver. 


Bus service is available from Baghdad Airport to city centre.

Given the lack of information regarding this mean of transportation and security, we do not recommend to board any bus at Baghdad Airport.

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Hotel Shuttles

Various hotels located in Baghdad Airport and vicinities provide transportation between BGW Airport and the respective hotels. Passengers should ask to their hotel to know if they have the service available.

Some of the hotels are Warwick Hotel Babylon (Babylon building)

Even you are sleeping in one of these hotels, we ought to get in touch with the hotel to confirm the service.


Get within 30 minutes to downtown Baghdad by taxi.

To guarantee your safety, it turns to be compulsory to book your transport prior your arrival to Baghdad Airport.

For further information about security in taxis in Baghdad Airport, please read the security concerns section.

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car rental

It is strongly recommended to arrange a secure transportation before arriving at Baghdad Airport to get around. If you are thinking to rent a car, it may be safer if you have a car driver service to get around. It is also strongly recommended to drive only during day hours and on the main roads.

As an advice, be aware about the threat of carjacking, robbery or random attacks that sometimes occur. Make sure that your driver is a person to trust or works for a trustful agency.