Baghdad Airport Transportation

Currently the politician situation in Iraq is extremely unstable and unpredictable. Please, if passengers need to travel to Iraq, is highly recommended to take security measures to avoid any risk.



Taxis are available at Baghdad airport. Passengers can get information or book a taxi calling the following phone numbers:

+964 77 28 42 69 19

+964 77 28 42 69 20

+964 77 28 42 69 21

+964 77 28 42 69 28


+96 478 21 02 39 11

+96 478 21 02 39 12

+96 478 21 02 39 32

+96 478 21 02 39 34


It is recommended to book a taxi before passengers arrive at Baghdad airport.

Approximately rates: Small Sedan Car: IDQ 55,000 (Iraqi Dinars) Mini Bus: IDQ 95,000 (Iraqi Dinars)

It is strongly recommended to pay with cash, the majority of the taxicabs don’t accept credit cards as a method of payment.


Hotel Shuttles at BGW airport

Various hotels located in Baghdad airport and vicinities provide transportation between BGW airport and the respective hotels. Passengers should ask to their hotel to know if they have the service available.


Some of the hotels are:

- Warwick Hotel Babylon (Babylon building)

Please, even you are sleeping in one of these hotels, get in contact with the hotel to confirm the service.



Some buses offer service from the airport and run to different destinations in Baghdad city center. Passengers can purchase the tickets in the kiosk located at the airport.


Car and Rental Car

It is strongly recommended to arrange a secure transportation before arrive at Baghdad airport to get around. If you are thinking to rent a car, it may be safer if do you have a car driver service to get around. It is also strongly recommended to drive only during day hours and drive only on the main roads.


As an advice, be aware about the threat of carjacking, robbery or random attacks that sometimes occur. Make sure that your driver is a person to trust or works for a trustful agency.